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  • Home
    The life is suffocating. Now I am suffocating. I sit down. The wall supports me. It is the only thing I’ve got. I am drunk on the feeling of breathlessness. My eyes are closing, I can hardly keep them open. Seems like the time is up. May be I should have a smile on myContinue reading “Home”
  • Three Line Tales #10: Ocean
    Written in response to Three Line Tales, Week 236, hosted by Sonya. Frustrated, tensed, tired, lost; she dozed off. In her dream, she saw her childhood self, whispering, “Let the ocean have what’s left of me.”
  • Insanity
    My mind is getting heavierBogging down everydayEvery forward step I try to takeI come crashing back twoI am scratching and crawlingTrying to surviving day after dayI question my sane nowI sense my mind will die before my bodyThings are taking a turn for the worseI see the end coming soon. EverydayI take a step towardsContinue reading “Insanity”
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