Flash Fiction #2 : Lost

This is my attempt at a piece of flash fiction for the Flash Fiction Contest #2, hosted by Lucy of Lucy’s Works. The prompt is : “Where is your reality? Do you know where you are?”

Check it out if you want to know more.

It was a cloudy evening. Heavy wind blew dust and tried to blind everyone. It was difficult to see around. Bob was hurrying back home from work after he received a call. It looked like Bob was competing with the wind. As he was driving, a bright light flashed in front of him, nearly blinding him. His car went off the road and he drove into a pole.

He got out of the car. He was hurt. He was bleeding. But he was too dazed to feel anything. He was scared. He couldn’t understand what had happened. He saw the bright light again, at some distance. He started walking towards the light. It seemed like he was attracted to it.

When he got close to the light, he was shocked by what he witnessed. He saw his wife and his 6 years-old son lying there, their bodies bleeding from everywhere. He couldn’t believe it. He thought this was not possible. He went near them, taking their bodies in his hands, screaming out loud and crying inconsolably.

Then he heard some murmuring and buzzing in the background. There were sirens wailing. People whispering. Someone approached him.

“Hello? Can you hear me? “

Bob was still crying. He didn’t respond.

“Hello, sir?  Where is your reality? Do you know where you are?”

Bob was lost. And then suddenly he fell unconscious.

The person who approached him was a paramedic. Bob was involved in a serious accident and was heavily injured. Earlier he had received a call that his family was involved in a crash and they couldn’t survive it. His wife had gone to buy a few necessary things for the house, taking their son with her. After hearing this,  he was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe it. So he was speeding back home to check before he crashed his car.

Bob couldn’t survive the crash either.

[314 words]

A/N : Thank you for reading! Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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