Connection With Rain

I watch the rain drops falling and refreshing the earth, just like the tear drops refresh my memories of you. I still remember how much you loved the rain. You had a deep connection with it. You would know the rain is coming when it was miles away. As soon as you saw the first drops falling from the sky, you ran out of the house. You loved getting drenched. You loved playing in the rain, just like a child. I could see the child in you trying to enjoy every moment that could last. I could see the innocence in you. This innocence attracted me to you. From that moment I realized you were special, just like every drop of rain.

But now, I only live with these memories. I have never enjoyed the rain like before after you moved far away. Whenever it rains I sit near the window, a cup of our favourite tea in hand, and reliving the times we were together.    I imagine you playing in the rain, and me watching you, with a smile on my face, thanking god that I have you. This is the only way I can bear the pain. This is the only way I can survive.

Now I too have a connection with the rain. As the rain drops fall from the sky, tear drops fall from my eyes.

68 thoughts on “Connection With Rain

  1. Lia says:

    Hi Harsh. :)) I have seen your comments on friends’ posts around blogtown and came to visit. Have been reading some of your posts this morning. I like your writing style. I really love this piece, so beautiful. 💛

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  2. says:

    Touching lines, Harsh! Just today only I read this related to the tea connection in your poem,
    ” बैठे चाय की प्याली लेकर पुराने किस्से गर्म करने चाय ठंडी होती गयी और आँखे नम….. “

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