Close My Eyes

From Unsplash

Three past midnight
Lying in the bed
Rolling in every direction
But can’t sleep
Eyes wide awake
I step out for
A breath of fresh air
I look up at the dark night
I see the the moon hiding
And the stars having lost their shine
This is a different yet familiar sight
I see the void
Only I can see it
I stare at the nothingness
I know we have a close relation now
It never leaves me
And I can’t leave him
I look deep into its eyes
Till I see myself in them
This is the sign
To close my eyes forever.

44 thoughts on “Close My Eyes

    1. I find myself in the eyes of darkness, the void, and not in the eyes of moon.
      It shows that my life has nothing left. Its all dark. Nothingness. This is the sign to close my eyes forever.

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