DeathThe word itself givesShivers and chills down the spineOf the strong,And the weakWill surely faint.People think thatSaying the word itselfIs a sheer crimeAnd they are too scaredTo even think about it.But they never acceptThe fact thatDeath is inevitable,No one is immortal,Nobody will live forever,It’s a part ofThe cycle of life.People need toEmbrace death,Else they willNeverContinue reading “Death”

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nightsYou read it rightMillion things on my mindAnd the world is also not so kind Silent nightIt’s a silent fightWith really nothing to gainOther than a lot of pain Sleepless nightsIs in for its rightMind you it will be a tough fightAnd there will be some need of might There’s a lot of dreamsContinue reading “Sleepless Nights”

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