Colours Of The World

The world is notAs colourful as you think The golden sun doesn’tAlways shine bright,Seeing the deep blue oceanDoesn’t always brings peace,The green leaves turn orangeAnd fall in front of you,Not every rainBrings a rainbow,Even the silver stars slip awayFrom your vision at times. The crimson red is shedAt uncountable places around the world,Many are buriedBeforeContinue reading “Colours Of The World”

Obdurate Mind

Written in response to ‘Weekend Writing Prompt #161‘ , hosted by Sammi Cox. My mind is obdurateIt always persuades meTo agree with what he says.He orders me not toListen to the heart.He says the heart is naiveAnd does not understandThe cunnings of the world.He will trust anyone whoSeems nice and kindBut he doesn’t knowIt isContinue reading “Obdurate Mind”

High On Nature

Written in response to Thursday Poetry Challenge, hosted by H.R Phoenix. The topic is ‘Nature’s Beauty‘. I want to watchThe sunriseFrom the top of the mountainWhere the clouds areJust a hand away.The mountain isSurrounded byYoung and freshTrees and plants,The birds chirpingThe flowers bloomingAll day long.A lake nearbyClean and shining brightTo quench the thirst of all.IContinue reading “High On Nature”

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