The Tunnel

Hello, Do you hear me now? I’ve been lying to the truths that fumble within me. I cannot hold anymore what’s carved inside the spirit of a wanderer of mines covered in coals of truth. It burdens the lights and creak the blood out. Let me hear the noises as the thorns sting what’s sourContinue reading “The Tunnel”


As a child, I dreamt and wished of every thing, from the smallest to the biggest, possible and impossible, near and far. Everything was credible and doable in that innocent world. Today, when I see in the past, I see I was too kind, innocent, and sincere. Those wishes and dreams were nothing but justContinue reading “Wish”


DeathThe word itself givesShivers and chills down the spineOf the strong,And the weakWill surely faint.People think thatSaying the word itselfIs a sheer crimeAnd they are too scaredTo even think about it.But they never acceptThe fact thatDeath is inevitable,No one is immortal,Nobody will live forever,It’s a part ofThe cycle of life.People need toEmbrace death,Else they willNeverContinue reading “Death”

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