Adventure Unknown

For Manic Sylph’s Writing Prompt #81. Join me in this adventure, my loveThe adventure of a lifetime,Beyond the seven seas,Beyond all the land,Under the bright sunshine,Under the magical light of the moon and starsLet us wonder aroundUnzipping the secretsOf unknown landsImagine what we will find,Something enchanting, something mysteriousBut it’s only possibleIf you join me, dearSoContinue reading “Adventure Unknown”

About Love

“I don’t feel loved”,“I need love in my life”,“Love unconditionally”,“Being loved is a great feeling”, Tired of hearing people sayThat love is the best feeling,That love is everything,But they are delusionalLove is an illusion,Love isn’t complicatedBut love is conditionalThere’s always the asterisk hangingThat everyone ignoresThe reality unfoldsWhen they least expectThey know it’s comingBut they turnContinue reading “About Love”

Colours Of The World

The world is notAs colourful as you think The golden sun doesn’tAlways shine bright,Seeing the deep blue oceanDoesn’t always brings peace,The green leaves turn orangeAnd fall in front of you,Not every rainBrings a rainbow,Even the silver stars slip awayFrom your vision at times. The crimson red is shedAt uncountable places around the world,Many are buriedBeforeContinue reading “Colours Of The World”

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